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YA Chapter Critique Event: Oh, and also, Some Tips for Young Novel Writers.

From now until April 23 at midnight (Mountain Time) I’ll take the first chapters of 5 Young Adult novels and offer some free critique and feedback.

Keeping Your Novel Series Current: Writing about a Pandemic During a Pandemic

How do you keep your series authentic and relevant when large scale current events change how readers interact with your worldbuilding?

Ask (me to ask) a Literary Agent at My Upcoming Writers Conference

I’m heading to the PP Writers Conference next weekend and will do my level best to get your question asked if you post or email one!

Writing Distinct Dialogue for Better Fiction

Sure, everyone has heard the basics: don’t overuse names; don’t rely on cutesy dialogue tags (“he chortled”); avoid clichés; use contractions; observe grammar and punctuation conventions, and of course—show don’t tell. If a guide to anything involving writing doesn’t throw that last bit of… Continue Reading “Writing Distinct Dialogue for Better Fiction”

Five Ways to Wallop Your Word Count

Okay, so you’ve glanced at the more credible websites on proposed novel lengths. Or maybe you’ve even gone so far as to research your dream agents to find they expect a novel in your genre to be shorter. If right now you’re panicking over cutting 10,000, maybe even 20,000 words, I’m here to tell that if you truly need to do it, you can.