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YA Chapter Critique Event: Oh, and also, Some Tips for Young Novel Writers.

From now until April 23 at midnight (Mountain Time) I’ll take the first chapters of 5 Young Adult novels and offer some free critique and feedback.

Keeping Your Novel Series Current: Writing about a Pandemic During a Pandemic

How do you keep your series authentic and relevant when large scale current events change how readers interact with your worldbuilding?

11 Strategies for Blocked Writing

I’ve always scoffed at books or blogs or workshops that addressed the dreaded WBS. But then, to my total embarrassment, I got stuck. Mired in a very real, very block-headed slump which I refuse to call by its full, cliché name, like He-Who-Shall-Not-Be Named.… Continue Reading “11 Strategies for Blocked Writing”

How to Create a Novel Critique Group that Won’t Drive You Crazy

You’re jealous to the core. Heck, you’re even jealous of C.S. Lewis and Tolkien for having the Inklings, and they’re both dead. Meanwhile, all you have is a bunch of Meetup misfits who never remember to staple their single-spaced pages and whose go-to comments for your work are always either, “This really flows!” or “I don’t feel like this flows. Can you add more details?”