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5 Tips for Kindle Vella Authors: Writing Serials for Amazon

If you’re like me, you’ve wondered if Vella is a good use of your time, writing, and marketing resources. The short answer: Maybe. The longer answer: Possibly, if you have a marketing platform already. And the longest answer? Well, that’s a complicated algorithm, as… Continue Reading “5 Tips for Kindle Vella Authors: Writing Serials for Amazon”

Self-Publishing Online Even if Zeros and Ones Hate You

Just don’t, if you decide to step into the world of self-publishing, don’t let yourself think for a minute you aren’t good enough. Gaining agency in your life is healthy and brave.

What to Do While Waiting to Secure a Literary Agent

As a writer, you’re probably like me– you’d rather do your taxes, clean the sink traps, gutters, and even your friends’ sink traps and gutters, and then do your backtaxes (not based on a real incident), than begin querying.

Ask (me to ask) a Literary Agent at My Upcoming Writers Conference

I’m heading to the PP Writers Conference next weekend and will do my level best to get your question asked if you post or email one!

How to Get Your Novel Noticed: Engaging Agents at Creative Writing Conferences

If you’ve splurged on an upcoming conference, you’re probably equally excited to improve your craft and anxious about pitching your novel. Most creative writing conferences have agents present—possibly even a chance to pitch to one—so here’s some advice on getting your novel noticed.