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Write Your Novel for Democracy: seven tips for staying creatively focused during chaos

I am picking a side. The side of voice. Voice and vote matter, and any person who serves to undermine another person’s right to share in the governing of their country — well, that’s an arch nemesis of epic proportions

Save the Cat! Writes a Novel: A Review of the Book, not the Cat

However, the real artistic integrity behind Save the Cat! is that it espouses character over plot, arguing that the structure of a story is woven through a successful combination of both character development and the timely plotting of events that resonate with said development.

Tips for Writing Scenes with Multiple Characters

Now the storm hits. You’ve got to include numerous characters without confusing the reader. Suddenly, you’re knee-deep in speech tags, waves sloshing over the bow, and trying to bail.

Finding a Novel-Writing Critique Group in Covid Times

Now get going! The only way to be a writer is to write!

Reading the Right Book on Writing: Improving your Novel-Writing Skills

This summer I’m giving myself a mini self-guided MFA program on novel craft. As I perused numerous books that purport to teach me the craft of writing, I decided, what better way to absorb their material than to write reviews of each? Asking ourselves what a “good book” on craft should teach requires us to define those intangible questions we’ve been struggling with in our own writing life.