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Vetted Vellas: Crossover Serials on Kindle Vella that Don’t Cross Boundaries

A cross between magical realism, historical fiction, and a Raymond Chandler novel, Charlotte and the Demons has a noir feel while showcasing Eason’s seemingly effortless capacity for surprise and wit.

Five Vella Serials that Deliver a Fantastic (Free) First Page

Sidekick Wanted. No experience necessary. This sounds like the perfect side hustle for a financially challenged bicycle courier like me. Besides, who doesn’t want to be a hero?

5 Tips for Kindle Vella Authors: Writing Serials for Amazon

If you’re like me, you’ve wondered if Vella is a good use of your time, writing, and marketing resources. The short answer: Maybe. The longer answer: Possibly, if you have a marketing platform already. And the longest answer? Well, that’s a complicated algorithm, as… Continue Reading “5 Tips for Kindle Vella Authors: Writing Serials for Amazon”